Hello Friend!

Are you a female online entrepreneur sick of feeling stuck with your financial growth and wondering how to get over your fear of numbers so you can tap into your next level of wealth for your family? I’ve got you.

After getting my start as a Financial Analyst for a multi-billion dollar winery, I quickly learned the power of understanding numbers in business. But like a lot of women, after having my kids, I craved to be present with them, so I stepped out of the corporate space.

But in my time at the winery, I discovered something…

For a lot of entrepreneurs and business owners, numbers, financials, and money are stressful. But I figured out a way to simplify it and take the scary part out of growing the bottom line.

Still having the itch for entrepreneurship, my husband and I started what would become a multi-seven figure company. For the last 18 years, while raising our three beautiful kiddos, I brought those skills to our own family business as we worked hard to grow and scale it to what it is today.

And over the years, I’ve found ways to make it easier to understand financials (I even call them ‘fun’ancials!) and to master money, and now I am teaching others how to make more of it!

So after birthing three babies and a multi-million dollar company, the BFF Blueprint was born!

Seeing so many women pursuing entrepreneurship lit my heart on fire! But after stepping in to mentor them, I quickly realized that there were some major blocks that would ultimately hold them back from seeing financial success. This happened with nearly every online entrepreneur I talked to, and despite their passion and skills in their craft, I knew that they needed a blueprint that would break them free of their money fears and into the place of abundance they were hoping for.

I took my 20+ years of experience and created the most comprehensive, needle-moving, and fun methodology to take eager entrepreneurs from passionate but stuck to confident and focused on what works.

Wanna feel that unwavering confidence, have clarity around your numbers, simplify your systems and see more money in your business and at home?

I’ve been where you are. I’ve struggled to do it, continually hoping that it would just happen with the right marketing or my next big thing…

But the wealth didn’t come.

Until I implemented strategies that changed the game for my business! And I’m ready to bring that light-heartedness and growth to your amazing business.

It's time to create WEALTH.

THIS is how we define wealth at the Small Business BFF –

I tapped into true wealth (and so will you) because I learned to…

Sister, it's time.

No more turning a cheek to your numbers because they freak you out. I’ve got my arm around your shoulder and I’m going to make this easy, fun and so worth it for you! 

I am here to be YOUR Best Financial Friend – The Small Business BFF

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1:1 Coaching

I am here to fast track your dreams. I work with a very select group of people who are ready to dream big and scale their online business to build personal freedom and larger paychecks.


BFF Blueprint Group Coaching

In the BFF Blueprint Group, I walk you through my signature framework to help you with Vision, Strategy and Systems that will scale your business to the next level without more time tied to your desk.


Getting Started Tools

The Bestie Bundles provide you with a strategic framework of actionable items that enable you to get started right away and save time and money out of the gate.